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Schwalbe Doc Blue Tyre Sealant 60ml


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Works fast and reliably. Doc Blue seals holes in tubes, tubulars or tubeless systems. Use for repair or preventing punctures. Puncture protection liquids have been around for a long time, but all existing products were unable to meet Schwalbe’s demanding standards. Doc Blue combines several different principles and is therefore much more effective.  Finally, now there is a simple and effective solution for puncture repair and prevention in tubeless systems and tubulars.

Produced by Stan’s NoTubes! This sealant can also be used as a puncture preventative for bicycle tubes, tubular tires and standard Tubeless systems.

This is a 60ml bottle

  • Dose – approx. 50 ml per tire.
  • For large volume tires (width 57mm or more) increase the dose to 75 ml.
  • 25 ml is sufficient for racing cycle tyres.
  • Ensures effective puncture protection for around 3 months.
  • Punctures are sealed automatically while riding.
  • Doc Blue is not intended to seal large holes caused by cuts or bursts.