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Joe’s No Flats Podium Tubeless Tyre Sealant


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Sometimes, the only thing that matters is one run, one epic day or one Enduro stage. The Podium Sealant was designed exactly for this purpose. To bring the racer to the finish line under the roughest conditions. As a race day tubeless sealant for MTB, The Podium Sealant it is faster than any other sealant in the market and will seal holes and cuts up to 10mm.

Race day sealant for professional MTB riders for ultra-high performance.

  • Instantly seals punctures – up to 10mm.
  • Seals holes and cuts.
  • Designed specifically for Tubeless Ready tires in tough conditions.
  • CO₂ Compatible.
  • Prevents air leaks from thin tire side walls.
  • Ultra high performance – Up to 300km.
  • High performance 300-1000km.
  • Standard performance (Joe’s No Flats’ Eco/Super Sealant equivalent) – over 1000km.
  • Wide temperatures range (-5ºC – +50ºC) compatibility.
  • Wide pressures range (15PSI – 100PSI) compatibility.
  • Recommended amount for 1 mountain bike wheel: 120 ml.
  • 125ml per bottle