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Ass Magic Chamois Cream Tub (200ml)


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ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream is the finest anti-chafe cream for your nether regions. ASS MAGIC has been formulated and field tested by industry leading experts and athletes, so that your sporting activities are done in comfort. 

A secret blend of essential oils ensures that ASS MAGIC promotes personal hygiene. The cream also has superior anti chafing protection through the use of Lanolin and Synthetic Beeswax. Whilst originally developed for cyclists, ASS MAGIC can be used by any sports man or woman as an anti-chafe cream. 

HOW TO USE: ASS MAGIC can be applied directly to your skin or the the chamois of your cycling shorts. When applying to your skin, make sure you don’t double dip! Using a clean hand, scoop enough chamois cream, anywhere from 5 to 10ml a ride and apply to your ASS on the areas in which you will have contact with the saddle. 

TOP TIPS: As mentioned you can also apply to the chamois of your cycling shorts, again be sure to apply on the area which is in contact with your saddle. 

You can also apply ASS MAGIC anywhere else where you may have experienced chafe before. 

It is recommended that cyclists change out of their cycling shorts as soon as possible after riding and shower. This will help reduce the risk of saddle sores and infection. 


Still not comfortable on your rides? It’s worth having a look at your saddle, bike setup and or cycling shorts. When testing either of these potential solutions, be sure to test one solution at a time so you can figure out which it is that is causing the problem.