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XLC Road Carbon Clipless Pedal PD-R04


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Looking to take cycling more seriously? The System Pedal PD-R04 is a simple way to elevate your riding experience.

Made of a carbon fibre that is especially resistant to wear and tear, and featuring a tough steel axle, the pedal is an ideal accessory for a road or racing bike.

These pedals are unilateral pedals, meaning they’re designed to be used with bike shoes to improve performance.

The ‘system’ design encourages a maximum amount of energy transfer, so you can pedal without any loss of power.

PD-R04 has an adjustable release torque and uses cassette bearings, meaning they require less frequent servicing.

Sized at 87x91mm.

PD-R04 pedals are compatible with a 9/16” thread and are therefore suitable to be used with most adult-sized bicycles.