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SHIMANO Deore, Auriga Comp, Aquila, Clarks S2, M2 Disc P VX811C


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Compatible Brands

Clarks Clout 1
Clarks e-Clout
Clarks Clout Plus
Clarks M2 (Serial No. F & O)
Clarks M2 Junior
Clarks S2
Clarks HD-M3000
Clarks CMD-23
Clarks CMD-27
TRP Spyre
TRP Hylex
Tektro Auriga
Tektro Draco
Tektro Dorado
Tektro Orion
Tektro Aquila
Tektro HDC300
Shimano BR-C501
Shimano BR-M575
Shimano BR-M525
Shimano BR-M495
Shimano BR-M486
Shimano BR-M485
Shimano BR-M475
Shimano BR-M465
Shimano BR-M447
Shimano BR-M446
Shimano BR-M445
Shimano BR-M416
Shimano BR-M416A
Shimano BR-M415
Shimano BR-M4050
Shimano BR-M3050
Shimano BR-M395
Shimano BR-M375
Shimano BR-M365
Shimano BR-M355
Shimano BR-M315
Shimano BR-T675
Shimano BR-TX805
Shimano BR-MT500
Shimano BR-MT400
Shimano BR-MT200
Shimano BR-UR300
Shimano BR-C601
Shimano BR-M515
Shimano BR-M515LA



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