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Clarks V-Brakeset Front and Rear in Black inc. Cables, Steel Guide Pipes and Boots


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V-brake caliper and lever set including all cable housing, fixings and stainless steel guide pipes. Ideal for MTB and hybrid cycles. Supplied with pads.

  • 2x Caliper sets, front and rear brake cables, x2 rubber boots, steel lead pipes, 4x caliper bolts 2x cable ends
  • Compatible with both U & V brake callipers
  • Flip flop design
  • Hinged clamp for easy installation
  • Integrated cable adjusters
  • Die cast alloy construction
  • Liner pull brake
  • 55mm rubber brakes shoes Inc.
  • Steel guide pipe and rubber boot Inc.
  • Supplied with front and rear cables
  • Supplied with outer casing